SRI list: Best Companies for Multicultural Women 2010

As stated in our “Mission Statement” at the top of this website, we are seeking SRI candidates using Positive Screening

Ideally, we’re looking for “earthy, granola” organizations that are Big on ESG, especially within their community – the “S” in ESG.  But, this community isn’t just the community of investors, or other stakeholders such as suppliers.  It isn’t even just the local community where the company operates.

We believe, a company’s employee community is just as important.  It is employees who help create a corporation’s unique personality/soul.  When it works best, it builds a cohesive climate of mutual trust and respect where employees can feel comfortable to perform their best, not because they have to, but because they want to.

You know, there’s a saying that “Charity begins at Home” meaning before you can even attempt to change the world in a positive way, you’d better look inside yourself first.  As a side-note, we’re using the word “Charity” to make a point.  In reality, all we’re looking for is that each and every one of us feel like we’ve got a fair shot of what we deserve in the first place.

We are fond of Working Mother magazine, and have read several of its presentations and publications.  They have many interesting online articles including several lists, you can access here.

The list below is of the Best Companies for Multicultural Women.  The publication’s Working Mother Research Institute screened companies that provided great working environments for women of color, both in their support when they start at the company and throughout their career.

Companies were chosen based on detailed applications sent to the Institute, then an independent Research firm tabulated the scores.  However, note that these companies were not elected or voted for by an advisory board/committee.  For example, if a great company didn’t submit an application, it was not included in the list.

Note:  Most of these companies are publicly-traded, and thus, potential SRI candidates.  Individual company excerpts are written by Working Mother Institute.

Disclosure:  the author is long American Express, Cisco Systems.

Success breeds success at this financial services and insurance giant, which has just introduced Momentum, its new mentoring program that specifically targets multicultural professionals.
Fortunes may have fluctuated at U.S. companies recently, but this utility powerhouse has held steady through the turmoil, losing not one person and cutting not one benefit due to the recession.
Cultural awareness is a business imperative for this financial services company, which operates offices in every state and 44 countries around the world.
This fast-food giant strives to discover the perfect match for its corporate multicultural women. Candidates are interviewed at length about their personal and professional goals by volunteers from…
Talented women do well at this information technology and networking company, which just introduced its Inclusive Advocacy program for high-potential employees.
Supporting multicultural women is a top priority for this global financial services company, which boasts a whopping seven women’s councils in North America alone.
Efforts to increase the status of female employees have led to impressive figures at this professional services firm, which now has ten times the number of female partners, principals and directors…
While multicultural women make up just 7% of all U.S. employees, they are on the move, representing 18% of last year’s salaried hires, 16% of management hires and 23% of rehires.
Opportunities abound for women at this investment bank, thanks to a wide array of new programs.
The company pays for high-potential women to attend a four-month program called Leading Women Executives. Its sessions teach the staffers to knock down barriers and learn the skills that will help…
Women make up 31% of employees at this technology juggernaut, and they got a big boost last year with the introduction of its North American Women’s Council.
Working smarter, not harder, is the idea behind the Career Advancement program for employees at this financial services corporation.
Women and minorities comprise 60% of the workforce at this audit, tax and advisory services firm, which employs a full-time team of diversity recruiters to seek out the best in the field.
Special training sessions at the company help multicultural employees focus on how smart planning and good networking can help advance their careers.
Asian, African-American and Hispanic employees also have programs dedicated to their specific advancement, with a focus on cultural issues.
Nothing speaks as loudly as results, which is why female agents flock to the Women’s Sales Forum offered by this insurance, employee benefits and financial services provider
Sponsoring the first leadership program specifically devoted to the needs of multicultural women was a watershed moment for this consumer goods company, which signed on in 2007 as a corporate partner…
Keeping diversity top of mind during the economic downturn was important to this accounting firm, which offers audit and assurance, tax and advisory services.
Multicultural women who work for this consumer products giant now occupy 50% more jobs at the vice president or general manager level than they did in 2006, thanks in part to the work of the company’…
Impact, a yearlong mentoring program offered by this food and facilities-management services company, recently matched 90% of its 125 mentor/mentee pairs across divisions and functions—a move that…
Earning a degree is a snap when you work for this leading insurance company, which sponsors employees as they pursue their CPAs and PMPs and covers up to $5,250 in college tuition per year for anyone…
Creating a new generation of diverse leaders preoccupies this massive broadband and communications company, which offers a variety of programs to educate and develop its multicultural women.
Women dominate at this big-box retailer, where they represent 59% of all associates and 30% of all corporate officers.


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