ESG Principles

Responsible investing is a stewardship-based approach that includes analyzing companies based on non-financial information, including their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, as well as evaluating financial data.  We focus on finding companies that demonstrate leadership and create positive impact in society through their business operations and activities.

There are three types of Socially Responsible Investing:

  • Negative Screening (aka Exclusionary),
  • Positive Screening (Best of Class) and
  • Shareholder Activism (Value Enhancing).

ESG means different things to different people.  LAM utilizes a Positive Screening methodology, heavily weighed on the “S” in the ESG acronym.  We have high regards for those entities that treat their employees well and are highly responsive to stakeholder concerns.

In other words, “Charity begins at home” (Sir Thomas Brown, 1642).

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