A Poem on the Fiscal Cliff


Oh, our feisty Fiscal Cliff,
that bastard child of polarized States.
America, what shall we see upon the new year’s “Dawn’s early light”,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars see us through a perilous fight.
Weeper of the House,
America does not want you to cry,
don’t leave us Dry!
It is America’s resolution to solve the Budget impasse,
Negotiating the return of higher tax-rates,
Is that such a difficult accommodation?
Remember, the U.S. Constitution with its numerous Amendments and Rights was the only truly Great Compromise. 
So, let us put down our muskets,
Besides, there will always be something new to fight,

How about the Debt Ceiling with all your might?

                                                                             – Dominic Lombardo


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