Our Ethos

Lombardo Asset Management’s success is the direct result of our unique way of thinking.  We strive for a thought meritocracy in which meaningful work and relationships are pursued through truth and openness.  We encourage people to be completely honest with each other and with our organization so that we can gain insights into the subjects we are studying.  Criticism is not caustic so long as it is presented in a trusted manner in which all parties can grow.

We value experience, because it is experience that helps us avoid mistakes.  However, we also recognize that one cannot gain experience without first making mistakes.  Consequently, we trust that our stakeholders will do right by us.

Our Values & Culture can be summarized below:

  • Truth and Openness:  We function with the assumption that everyone, both internally and externally, is truthful and transparent with each other so that we can efficiently attain common goals.  We believe everyone has hidden biases which could cause them to use faulty logic and rationalization.  Such biases need to be confronted in order make better decisions.
  • Radical Inclusivity:  We don’t just call for an inclusionary environment, but seek out diversity.  In fact, in a meritocratic environment, the best ideas and understanding of the markets will arise from a group of diverse people.  An environment of inclusion also negates the effects of hidden biases.  Outside of LAM, we also seek diversity & inclusion within our portfolio companies.
  • High standard of integrity: We aim to serve as a trusted steward of our clients’ capital and to operate in a fair and ethical manner.
  • Focus on the long-term: We take a longer term view than most investors.  Our holding period is optimally forever and typically over five years.  When we do sell, our asset disposition is usually done in stages.
  • Invest responsibly:  We work to positively influence company policies regarding environmental and social stewardship and corporate governance.  Presently, this is conducted indirectly by investing in socially responsible companies.  We do not directly communicate with management or corporate boards about ESG issues, though we may communicate with activist investors on such issues.
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