Ray Anderson: In Memoriam

In Memoriam:
Apologies for the tardiness of Interface’s earnings report, but Ray Anderson’s passing came out of left field to me, even more so than Steve Jobs’.  Ray died on August 8, 2011 after a 20-month battle with cancer.  Spent a few emotional nights tearing over the many tributes given to him during his memorial service.  If ANYONE doubted this man’s authenticity and sincerity in making the world a better place, I suggest this website: http://raycandersonblog.com/.   Below is what might be Ray’s last video, when he was receiving chemotherapy.

Ray Anderson, who was born in Georgia, always talked about climbing the Mountain of Sustainability.  He said he wasn’t going to be around to see the other side of the mountain but was happy that we would.  Interestingly, another man from Georgia also had a vision of a “promised land” across the mountain-top; that man, of course was Doctor King.  Anderson and King were two different people, but Oh, in some ways, so much the same!

Ray, you will be MISSED !

On September 1, 2011, Ray left 62% of his total assets to his foundation, a trust fund devoted to environmental causes, with the remainder going to his family.

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